Friday, February 13, 2009

Temporarily Closed

Hi Everyone,
As all of my clients and many others know, I will be closed to new clients for an unknown amount of time. The software that we offer to everyone(the website builder) was purchased from a developer several month's ago. Unfortunately, the actual ownership of the software has been questioned by another hosting provider who offers a similar program. The other hosting provider filed DMCA complaints against us which requires we not use the software until we have been to court and a ruling has been made.

At this point, no court date has been set but we are prepared to challenge this other hosting provider using items such as receipts from where we purchased the software, emails proceeding us purchasing the software, and other documents proving our ownership.

We feel that the issue will be handled quickly and we plan to come back with a bang! Some new features will include:
*a new billing system to handle all payments
*a new DEDICATED server where all sites will be hosted
*UNLIMITED bandwith offerings on all hosting plans
*a new hosting plan which included UNLIMITED everything (storage, bandwith, email, etc.)
*and more

We hope you understand that this issue has been completely out of our hands. The complaints that were filed must be complied with under Federal law even if they were false. We plan to offer a GREAT Re-Grand Opening Special when we do open back up to compensate for the issue.

Thanks for understanding!


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